The Latest from Canaan Valley, West Virginia

Connections in Canaan Valley

Read how to best leverage your communication styles while on your romantic getaway, a quick overnight stay or extended weekend at Canaan Valley Cabins. Come out and #GetTuckered in West Virginia!

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Keep your Resolutions This Year in Canaan Valley

Each New Year, we all make resolutions we intend to keep the entire year but why is it that we rarely ever do? This year, make it a bit different and retreat on a West Virginia cabin vacation with your friends or family and keep the vows you have made to yourself. Come out and #GetTuckered in West Virginia!

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Free Things To Do In Canaan Valley, WV

Whether you’ve made plans to stay in Tucker County or you’re traveling through the area, make sure to stop and check out all of the fun (and free!) activities Canaan Valley has to offer. There are numerous free outdoor adventures for both friends and family to partake...

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Art Spring Festival

The Annual Tucker County Art Spring Festival was founded in 2011 when gallery owners, artists and musicians of the county came together with a vision: to connect and promote its rich and varied art communities. What started as an idea to share and support local art...

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Canaan Valley Birding Festival

Each June, locals and visitors with a love for nature can join Canaan Valley for their annual Birding Festival, where more than 100 species and forms of birds can be seen. Due to its diverse, high-elevation boreal habitat, Canaan Valley is the breeding ground for many...

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Celebration of the Arts

If you’re in or around Canaan Valley this summer during July 4, the Canaan Valley Celebration of the Arts event, held at Canaan Valley Resort Ski area, is a must-do activity for the whole family! Celebration of the Arts is not only a way for Tucker County to enjoy...

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Canaan Mountain Bike Festival

Do you enjoy the thrill of mountain biking or know someone who does? If so, Canaan Valley’s Mountain Bike Festival is a decade-long activity for the town and brings out locals and visitors alike to race on the area’s tough ground. Bike racing isn’t a new event for...

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The Best Restaurants in the Canaan Valley, WV Area

The perfect time of year to travel to Davis, West Virginia and visit Canaan Valley is any time of year. Whether you enjoy camping and staying at ski lodges, snowboarding down the slopes, biking and hiking scenic trails, golfing on a course ranked 12th in the state or...

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