Blackwater Falls flows from the Blackwater River that stretches eight miles near Davis, West Virginia. Located within the Alleghany Mountains of Blackwater Falls State Park, the 62-foot Falls tumbles over a Pennsylvanian Age sandstone boulder. The Falls gets its name from the hemlock and spruce needles that have fallen into the water giving it a “black” appearance. At the head of Blackwater Canyon, the Falls is considered the highest above-ground waterfall in the state of West Virginia.

Blackwater Falls is at the head of Blackwater Canyon and is the source of water flowing into other waterfalls such as Elakala Falls and Pendleton Falls within the Park. These waterfalls can be seen throughout the multiple trails that Blackwater Falls State Park has to offer.

Signs throughout Blackwater Falls State Park will guide you to Blackwater Falls where you will find over 200 stairs leading to an observation deck that will give you a close-up look of the Falls. Most of the time, Blackwater Falls splits into three sections over the massive sandstone boulder, directing water into either an extended cascading water flow, or over rocks along the Falls.

Blackwater Falls is surrounded by spruce, hemlock, and other various trees seen throughout Blackwater Falls State Park. Trails throughout the Park will allow you to access views such as Falls Run, Lindy Point, and Pendleton Point Overlook, where you can experience Blackwater Falls at different vantage points. offers lodging and cabin accommodations just minutes away from Blackwater Falls for spectators to enjoy during any season. Blackwater Falls is recognized as one of the most scenic photography destinations in the state of West Virginia year-round.

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